Class Rooms.
      Our College has Multimedia classrooms with OHP and LCD facilities.

Computer Lab.
     To enable to student teachers develop interest and appreciate various pedagogical principle in teaching computer science,  our computer science lab is equipped with 50 computers .  The students also develop skills in preparing and using computer assisted  instruction programmes.  The lab has printing facility and internet connectivity.  The students identify websites relating to the school curriculum

Psychology Resource Centre
      To enforce the understanding of theoretical concepts theoretical concepts of psychology , the student teachers perform experiments, administer tests and questionnaires to obtain results and interpret them to effectively perform their professional tasks. The Student teachers are also given training in preparing tests and questionnaires of different types for different purposes which they can use for undertaking research and other psychological processes like learning,  memory, forgetting, thinking, problem solving, reasoning, motivation, emotion etc. and coping processes and strategies. Our Psychology Resource Centre is designed to cater to the above said needs.

Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre
     We create awareness among prospective teachers about Information and Communication Technology and its use in teaching learning process. Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre is equipped with smart board,overhead Projector, LCD Projector, Tape recorder, Television, camera and computers.

 Language Laboratory

            With a view to improving the proficiency in English language, the trainees are encouraged to use the language lab. The language lab is equipped with  headphones, audio, video systems to develop communication skills.

Science Lab (Physical Science  & Biological Science)

            The Student Teachers are trained in scientific processes such as observation, experimentation, demonstration and drawing inferences from them in our well equipped Science lab.  

Sports and  Games

             Student teacher’s Participation in physical activities shall keep him/her physically and emotionally healthy and fit for discharging professional responsibilities.  It relieves them of the strains and boredom. To promote this, the student teachers are encouraged to play Volley ball, Foot ball, Cricket and other indoor games.  They also get guidance to improve their performance in the field and track events. Separate gym is also available for boys and girls.  Students are encouraged to participate in Inter Collegiate Competitions.

Health Education

           Health Education is a process that empowers people to develop a capability of self-health-care(physical, mental and social health) through self-reliance(using available resources) and social responsibility. So health education is given due importance and the Student teachers are instructed to practice Yoga and Pranayama to maintain absolute health.  Health  awareness programmes are conducted regularly

Cultural Activities and Art and Craft

           Cultural activity and art and craft education are placed on equal footing with other disciplines for a balanced development of the student.  Awareness is also created among the students to promote, understand and appreciate the Indian art and culture.  Student Teachers also participate in inter collegiate competitions to exhibit their talents .


         The college has fully furnished separate Hostel for boys and girls. Purified water for drinking is a provided in the hostel. Recreation rooms equipped with television and newspaper. Stationary, first aid, sick room are available in the hostel.


       A hygienic canteen is run by the Management in the campus to cater the needs of the students and staff


        To commute to college and back home, six buses run from different parts of the city.  The bus fair is concessional and the areas covered are BHEL, Srirangam, Tolgate, Chathram Bus Stand, Puthur and Trichy Junction


       To enhance the skill and ability of the students, to develop competency in the field/subject of study and to develop leadership qualities, talents and potentials and organizing ability, all departments have associations functioning independently to promote co-curricular activities.  The association activity includes discussion, debates, quiz programmes and guest lecture

Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW)

         SUPW is an integral part of our curriculum.   Participation in all activities pertaining to SUPW is compulsory.  These activities  are managed by our own faculty our through resource persons.  Students are given training on making toys , detergents, shampoo, greeting cards , envelope, note books, food processing, gardening , tailoring etc.,